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7th & 8th Grade

Mr. McAllister joined the Riverview team this year, and teaches 7th & 8th grade Humanities.


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6th & 8th Grade

Mr. Forbes joined the Riverview team during the 18/19 school year, and teaches 6th & 7th grade Humanities.


6th GRADE:

In our first unit students will study Greek mythology through the lense of the book “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief”. They will use this book to more closely study Joseph Cambell’s “Hero’s Journey”.Through this they will gain skills around why we have myths, working in small group discussion and using literature to find values that are intrinsic to them as individuals. This included a parent interview in the first week to see where the roots of those values are and try to connect them to our own lives. This will culminate in a project where they will create their own hero’s journey story in a comic book or short story form. 

7th GRADE:

In our first unit our students are working in depth with the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. The students will focus primarily on practicing their close reading skills to develop their ability to draw inferences. The students are also working on citing text evidence to support their own ideas and opinions. We will analyze how individuals are capable of surviving in challenging environments, which will lead to an assessment where the students will write a narrative that combines multiple perspectives. 

8th GRADE:

In 8th grade we are analyzing the fundamental aspects of narrative texts. The students will apply these concepts to their own narrative writing. Our main novel, Inside Out and Back Again focuses on character development, and how specific incidents shape who the main character becomes throughout the story. In order to blend reading and writing together, we are currently discussing how inference and analysis skills can be applied to the characters we are reading about, and the characters that the students are developing within their own writing.